Elegant Alpaca Sweater for women made in Peru

From Cusco to your closet

Peruvian Baby Alpaca fiber, renowned for its sumptuous texture and exceptional quality, has long been celebrated by fashion aficionados.

We, however, saw an opportunity to bring this exquisite material to the everyday wardrobe of modern women.

Elegant Alpaca Sweater for women

Elevate your wardrobe with Peruvian elegance

At “Claudia’s Alpaca & Vicuna”, we believe that elegance doesn't always have to come at the cost of comfort. Our journey began with a vision to redefine women's fashion by combining the luxurious softness of Peruvian baby alpaca with the effortless charm of casual wear.

Women's Sweater made of natural Peruvian Alpaca fiber

Our Passion for Peruvian Baby Alpaca

Our dedication to sourcing the finest Peruvian baby alpaca fibers ensures that every garment we create is not only exceptionally soft but also built to last.

Elegant denim Jacket for women with Alpaca fabric application.

The Art of Private Label Fashion

We take immense pride in being a private label brand. This allows us to exercise complete creative control, from design inception to production, ensuring that each piece is imbued with our commitment to quality and style. When you wear a “Claudia’s Alpaca & Vicuna”, you're not just wearing a garment; you're adorning yourself in a piece of art crafted with love and care.

Elegant alpaca sweater for women made with 100% Baby Alpaca fiber from Peru

Elegant, but Still Casual!

Our slogan, "Elegant, but still casual," perfectly encapsulates our design philosophy. We understand that the modern woman juggles myriad roles and demands clothing that effortlessly transitions from one occasion to another. Whether you're heading to a business meeting, a brunch with friends, or simply lounging at home, our garments strike the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort.

Denim jacket for women with elegant alpaca fabric application.

Exclusive Online Shopping Experience

In a world of fast fashion, we stand apart by offering exclusive online access to our collections. We believe that each of our customers deserves a unique shopping experience. When you browse our website, you're entering a virtual realm where elegance and comfort merge seamlessly.