Unique Textile Culture

Peru is a unique country with a
fantastic millennial textile tradition. We are dedicated to bringing all this wonderful
richness to you.

Natural Fiber

Alpaca fiber is very strong, silky and elastic with outstanding thermoregulating properties. This hollow fiber provides warmth or freshness.

Alpaca fiber garments are perfect for all year round!

Eco-Friendly Materials

We bring to you the best and finest natural materials with of eco-friendly practices that protect our loved animals and the

Our Wonderful Team

We work with a team of highly skilled artisans from Cusco, a Peruvian fashion designer, and a great Bolivian textile engineer who lives in Cusco, to deliver a high quality product  while supporting our artisans in Cusco - Peru.

A Commitment to Sustainability

We are also deeply committed to sustainability. Our journey with Peruvian baby alpaca is not only about luxurious comfort but also ethical responsibility. We work closely with Peruvian artisans who have honed their craft over generations, ensuring fair wages and environmentally responsible practices.