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Alpaca Cardigan Sweater for Women (TRINITY)

Alpaca Cardigan Sweater for Women (TRINITY)

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🦙 100% PERUVIAN BABY ALPACA FIBER. Alpaca garments were used by the Inca Empire Royalty in South America.
🦙 Alpaca fiber garments are perfect for all year round due to its fantastic thermoregulating properties, meaning you will feel cooler underneath an Alpaca garment if the temperature outside is higher and warm in cold environments.
🦙 It’s a great protection from Sun rays when outdoors! This natural hypoallergenic and hollow silky fiber is a much softer, light weight and durable than traditional wool.
🦙 CHEST LINED DESIGN - Exclusive chest lined alpaca cardigan sweaters in 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca, not a blend. Elegant hand crafted with lovely crochet finishing!
🦙 ELEGANT GIFT BOX - Perfect for the season! Presented to you in an elegant gift box for proper storage, flat folded. "Look elegant...but still Casual"…always!
🦙 CUSCO IN YOUR CLOSET - We bring the magic of Cusco to your closet! Cusco Artisan made in Peru. Look “Elegant but still Casual”! Pre-washed fibers, extremely soft Baby Alpaca Cardigan. 
🦙 ALPACA LOVERS DELIGHT - Perfect gift for Alpaca Lovers! Makes a fantastic women's alpaca cardigan sweater gift while supporting Peruvian artisan communities in the "Sacred Valley" of Cusco in Peru. We work directly with communities promoting "Fare Trade" and “Eco-Friendly” practices.

🦙 Dry Clean or gentle cold hand wash with Baby Shampoo, dry flat do not hang as this is a natural fiber.

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    William Carter
    Shipping issue resolved and LOVED IT! (Trinity Cardigan Sweater)

    After an initial problem with delivery, these small business owners contacted me in person and rectified the problem within a few days. The cardigan we ordered was exactly as described - beautifully crafted, colorful, detailed touches that are very hard to find anymore, and stylishly fitting. Very pleased, thank you.